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Overcoming Obesity with an Incredible Surgeon

Dr. Feiz knows that obesity is one of the hardest health issues to overcome. There are so many factors that go into being overweight, from genetics to a lifetime of unhealthy habits, that it can be difficult to get on the right track. Even if you decide to dedicate your life to losing weight, by including daily exercise into your routine and adapting healthier eating customs, it’s incredibly difficult to lose all the weight you need to get out of the danger zone. With obesity comes other health risks like heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and sleep apnea, so it’s important for your total well-being to lose weight.

Weight loss procedures can work wonders on your entire life. Surgeries like Lap Band, gastric sleeve, and band to sleeve revision can not only help you lose weight by stringing your stomach size. They also have a history of reducing cravings. Dr. Feiz and associates perform the top weight loss surgeries, including sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band, with unmatched skill and compassion. We know how difficult the weight loss process can be and always do our utmost to ensure our patient’s physical and emotional comfort.

Whether you’re interested in a conversation about Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve procedures or just have a few pressing questions, you can call any of our Southern California offices to set up a free consultation. Dr. Feiz and Associates are committed to providing the best care to help patients overcome the burden of obesity. Get started today on your healthier future.

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