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Clarissa Colone - Sleeve Surgery

Band to Sleeve Conversion SurgeryClarissa Colone - Sleeve Surgery

August 16, 2013

Clarissa 6 months post-surgery has lost over 80 lbs and looks great!!
Pre-surgery Clarissa had swollen, stiff and painful joints, was
pre-diabetic, had asthma, and sleep apnea. Now post- surgery, her sugar
levels are normal and no longer prescribed as pre-diabetic, she no longer
has painful joints, sleep apnea and her Asthma has ceased. Because of her
past sleep apnea, Clarissa would never get a full night sleep and
periodically would wake herself up grasping for air. Now, since the
surgery, as the sleep apnea has resolved, she is able to sleep at nights
and as a result is no longer tired during the day and is full of energy.
Clarissa was always very depressed with her weight and felt uncomfortable
to go out with friends or do any activities that an average teen would do.
Now, 80 lbs lighter and consistently losing more weight, Clarissa has moved
out of the house, is now in a serious relationship, has a new job and is
LOVING her new life and body!

"I have always wanted to get into a tight strapless black cocktail dress and feel confident..... and now, my dream has finally come true!! I am actively going out and feel so confident! I am wearing outfits I never thought I could wear. I am longer getting teased by others but receiving praise, love and extreme support especially from my boyfriend! Dr. Feiz I LOVE YOU!! Surgery has changed my life!"

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