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Patients Choose Dr. Feiz Because of His Impeccable Reputation

If you’ve been considering bariatric surgery, including the thought of lap band vs. gastric sleeve, you may be pleased to know that you can have guidance in your quest for health and wellness with Dr. Feiz & Associates in Beverly Hills. Dr. Feiz has provided gastric sleeve and lap band procedures for countless grateful patients in Los Angeles and beyond, with his offices throughout Southern California. Even if you are looking for a surgeon to convert band to sleeve in Lancaster or Huntington Beach, Dr. Feiz is willing and able to help you get back on the right track and get healthy.

Think about it: you’ve lived with the burden, heartache and financial strain of obesity for years, and you want to get healthy. Who do you turn to? If you’re like countless other satisfied individuals in the Southern California area, the answer to your problem is Dr. Feiz, the preeminent expert in bariatric surgery in the nation. In fact, Dr. Feiz has published many peer-reviewed articles featured in the top medical journals of the nation, and he has given many presentations on a variety of topics in his milieu. He is able to cater to each patient on an individual basis so they feel comfortable and safe while in his experienced hands.

If you are interested in bariatric surgery in Valencia, Rancho Cucamonga or elsewhere in the Greater Los Angeles area and beyond, contact the offices of Dr. Feiz & Associates today to set up your first consultation. You can also come to one of our FREE seminars in the area.

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