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Patients Lose Weight and Keep it Off with Dr. Michael Feiz’ Guidance

As a leading practice for lap band surgery in Beverly Hills, Dr. Feiz & Associates have helped innumerable patients lose significant weight and keep it off. As the least invasive bariatric surgery available, the lap band procedure involves implanting a safe medical device to limit the capacity of the stomach. The result is patients feel full sooner and stay satisfied between meals. Although no surgery is risk-free, this removable, adjustable band is an attractive option for patients because the surgery is safer than other bariatric procedures. Unlike more invasive weight loss surgeries, with the lap band there is no cutting or repositioning of the digestive tract and patients often go home the same day as their surgery.

Patients who choose to have their lap band in Beverly Hills performed at Dr. Feiz & Associates do so because of the track record of success the practice has achieved. Dr. Feiz patients’ results speak volumes, and their testimonials showcase how Dr. Feiz is not just a skilled surgeon, but a compassionate caregiver who provides guidance every step of the way to weight loss. Contrary to popular opinion, weight loss surgery is not the easy way out, and patients need the support and guidance of an expert to achieve the best results. At Dr. Feiz & Associates, patients can expect just that.

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