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Playing it Safe with a Bariatric Procedure by Dr. Feiz

Nationally renowned bariatric surgeon Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. knows that, whether you are getting a lap band, gastric sleeve, or lap band revision surgery to meet significant weight-loss goals, you don’t want to gamble. These weight-loss surgeries are life changing and often permanent. This is okay for people looking to lose a significant amount of weight – because they want to keep it off for a lifetime.

Lap band surgery has been around for a long time and began gaining in popularity in the 1990s with introduction of the adjustable lap band. In recent years the sleeve gastrectomy has been preferred by many doctors and patients, because among many reasons its tendency to reduce the amount of the hormone Ghrelin which triggers the sensation of being hungry. Dr. Feiz & Associates also have been performing an increasing number of band to sleeve surgeries – taking out an existing lap band and completing a sleeve gastrectomy.

Not every doctor or surgeon has experience with multiple types of significant weight-loss surgeries. In considering lap band vs. sleeve surgery, focus should be directed toward surgeons with experience performing both types of the bariatric surgery. Dr. Feiz and his team of medical professionals have successfully completed numerous sleeve gastrectomy surgeries, and you gain peace of mind knowing they have been there before.

Why take a chance with a surgery that will change how your body processes food for the rest of your life? Weight loss surgery solutions offered by Dr. Feiz and Associates are well-known, exemplified by the prominent appearance of Dr. Feiz on TV’s “The Doctors” showed to millions of viewers earlier this year.

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