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Protecting Yourself from Obesity Related Issues

Obesity is often at the root of many of the biggest health risks that people face every day. Heart disease, high cholesterol, diabetes, and stroke are only a few of the many major risks being overweight can have on a person’s health. The only way to truly lower those health risks is by losing weight. Unfortunately, losing weight is much harder than it sounds, especially if you’ve built up decades of bad eating and exercise habits. At Dr. Feiz and Associates we are committed to helping people regain their health through life saving bariatric surgery.

Many people often debate the choice of Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve. Lap Band surgery consists of a band placed around the stomach, while gastric sleeve actually removes part of the stomach. Both surgeries often result in extraordinary weight loss results, but it’s best to discuss your options with a qualified surgeon like Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. If you’ve had a Lap Band procedure but are unhappy with the results, a band to sleeve revision may be the answer. The sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band is often better at suppressing the appetite.

Dr. Feiz and Associates are the leading bariatric surgery professionals in Southern California. Whether you’re interested in Lap Band, sleeve gastrectomy, Lap Band revision, or want to simply discuss your weight loss options, we can help. Our friendly, expert health care professionals and state of the art facilities will give you a weight loss experience like no other.

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