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Reach Your Weight Loss Goals with Surgical Help

When you’re trying to lose weight, the entire process can feel impossible. Although you may have tried every type of diet, from calorie counting to the strangest fad diets known to man, you may still struggle to see results when you step on the scale. For many overweight people exercising is too difficult because of mobility issues and joint pain. Not to mention the motivation problems that can come with a low self-esteem and the increasing hungers that goes with dieting. If you’ve had no success with traditional weight loss methods, it may be time to try weight loss surgery with the help of the qualified surgeons at Dr. Feiz and Associates.

The decision between lap band vs. sleeve surgical options usually depends on individual factors like your medical history and genetics. It’s important to discuss these options with a surgeon at Dr. Feiz and Associates so that you can get the surgery that’s best for your weight loss journey. Lap band surgery consists of placing a band around the stomach to create an hourglass shape. Gastric sleeve removes part of the stomach to create a sleeve shape. Both of these surgeries can make you feel full faster while eating. Another options is the band to sleeve surgery.

Dr. Feiz and Associates have offices located throughout Southern California for your convenience. Each location has state of the art facilities and a health care staff that will make you feel comfortable and help you reach your healthy goal weight. Contact us today to get started with lap band, gastric sleeve, or lap band revision surgery.

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