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Realize Band Surgery Victorville

Led by top bariatric weight loss surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS, The Beverly Hills Comprehensive Weight Loss Center is a place where obese patients can find the weight loss success they have been searching for. Dr. Feiz is a leading expert in many forms of bariatric surgery including traditional gastric bypass surgery, lap band or Realize Band surgery and sleeve gastrectomy. The Beverly Hills Comprehensive Weight Loss Center team is comprised of top psychologists, nutritionists and weight loss surgeons who have helped so many other people from Victorville achieve a slimmer, healthier lifestyle with Realize Band surgery. In fact, the Beverly Hills Comprehensive Weight Loss Center has performed successful Realize Band surgery on hundreds of morbidly obese patients from Victorville. These Victorville residents have enjoyed the minimally invasive nature of Realize Band surgery along with similar results to gastric bypass surgery for a ‘best of both worlds’ resolution to their weight loss issue.

If you are a morbidly obese resident of Victorville who is interested in Realize Band surgery, there are a few things you should know about the weight loss surgical procedure. Primarily, all patients who receive the Realize Band surgery must first qualify by undergoing a thorough mental and health screening at our weight loss center. For Victorville patients who qualify, there are pros and cons for choosing the Realize Band surgery over traditional gastric bypass surgery. Although Realize Band surgery is less invasive and results in fewer, smaller scars, it also does not provide as dramatic weight loss each week as gastric bypass. Also, while Realize Band surgery is adjustable and removable, this also means that Victorville patients who choose the procedure need to permanently relearn their eating and exercise habits to keep the weight off after the Realize Band is removed.

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