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Rebooting Your Dietary Habits through Bariatric Surgery

Rebooting Your Dietary Habits through Bariatric Surgery

Change – even the most positive change – can be scary. Even so, we should never let that prevent us from making the important course corrections that may make all the difference in our life. Obtaining a gastric sleeve, lap band, or other weight loss surgery from Dr. Feiz and Associates is the best move you can make to permanently alter the excessive eating habits that cause severe obesity.

Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. is one of the world’s most respected bariatric practitioners and a leader in the practice of minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery. He understands that losing significant amounts of weight on an indefinite basis is extremely difficult because, as weight loss takes effect, the body begins to send strong hunger signals. A dieter might be intellectually aware that or she has consumed enough calories, but the body is sending signals which feel like hunger, and those signals are next to impossible to ignore.

While there are many important differences vis a vis lap band vs gastric sleeve vs other procedures, all weight loss surgeries work by making those signals far less frequent and more reflective of the patient’s actual need for food. The result is that patients find it vastly easier to eat and be satisfied with far smaller amounts. Countless Dr. Feiz patients have lost their weight and kept it off because of the skill and sensitivity to the needs of weight loss patients practiced both by the doctor and his outstanding medical team.

Dr. Feiz and Associates is the place for a lap band or sleeve gastrectomy Carson, Beverly Hills, Valencia, Huntington Beach and all of Southern California turns to when the only way to a happier, healthier life is a complete reboot of your body’s hunger operating system.