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Reduce Ghrelin

Michael Feiz, MD, FACS is a bariatric surgeon working in Beverly Hills. His patients find him incredibly approachable and knowledgeable even from their very first meeting. Dr. Feiz is well-informed on all types of groundbreaking weight loss surgeries, so he can help guide you to make the most appropriate decision for you. After all, every person is different and one surgery may me more appropriate than another.

For many, Dr. Feiz recommends the vertical sleeve gastrectomy. This surgery removes about two-thirds of the stomach, leaving the patient with a smaller capacity for food. Dr. Feiz and many other doctors prefer this surgery because of its ability to reduce ghrelin in the body. The gastric fundus is a part of the stomach that produces the ghrelin hormone, which causes the sensation of hunger. Removing the fundus, then, causes a patient to feel hungry far less often due to not having as much ghrelin in the body. In addition to the reduced capacity for food, this lack of the hormone ghrelin helps lead to dramatic, life-improving weight loss.

To simply reduce ghrelin through surgery isn’t enough, however. Dr. Feiz has an extensive plan for before, during, and after the surgery that will get his patients the results they hope for by getting the surgery. Online testimonials and reviews confirm his thoroughness and helpfulness throughout the weight loss journey. Come in for a free consultation with Dr. Feiz if you’re considering a weight loss surgery. If a restrictive surgery that can reduce ghrelin appeals to you, then mention the sleeve gastrectomy as an option. The office of Dr. Feiz can be reached at 310-855-8058 or by going to this contact page online.

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