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Dr. Feiz Prides Himself on Results That Speak For Themselves

Here at Dr. Feiz and Associates, Dr. Michael Feiz is a proven and highly respected bariatric surgeon who is completely committed to helping each and every patient under his care enjoy a happier and healthier lifestyle. As a tool to help them dramatically improve their eating habits, he utilizes the most sophisticated forms of weight loss surgery, which are proven to be safe, effective, and able to provide long term results. With these results, patients enjoy a better quality of life, longer lifespan, and a daily existence that can be free from the many burdens of severe obesity.

For patients wondering about the differences between various weight loss procedures, such as the Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve operations, our team has the answers you’re looking for. We also have the skill, talent, experience, and expertise to perform these any bariatric surgery with the utmost commitment to care, and the ability to minimize the risk of complication and increase the chances of success. Unlike older approaches to weight loss, bariatric surgery has a high rate of success for severely obese individuals – a start contrast from the dismal statistics that experts in the field know only too well.

For patients who may have undergone previous weight loss operations, we also have the means to help anyone get back on track if they are experiencing side effects or are failing to notice ongoing progress. We utilize procedures that include a band to sleeve revision , which essentially replace the banding operation with a gastric sleeve. Overall, a sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band is an effective and proven technique that has given countless patients an important second chance. For these procedures and more, Dr. Feiz is a top choice for bariatric surgery.

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