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Retrain Your Brain To Eat Healthy

For many people who deal with severe obesity, the biggest problem isn’t always losing the weight, but making sure the lost weight doesn’t come back. Procedures available from Dr. Feiz and Associates, such as Lap Band surgery, can prove to be extremely helpful in this area, because they not only help patients to lose weight, they also help patients to stay away from unhealthy foods. This result occurs because often times after a weight loss surgery like Lap Bands, fatty and sugary foods can cause uncomfortable feelings, and are no longer appealing.

Regardless of a patient’s issues, the team at Dr. Feiz and Associates can help those in need to select the best weight loss surgery. For example, many patients need to consider the pros and cons of Lap Band vs. sleeve surgeries, which offer different solutions for different weight problems. And for those who have had lap band surgery previously, but did not experience permanent weight loss, Dr. Feiz and Associates also offers Lap Band revision surgery that can help to correct issues with previous surgeries, and return patients to a state of net weight loss or at least hopefully eliminate weight gain.

Lap Band to sleeve procedures become is an option that many patients suffer from complications with their original lap band surgery, or did not see the results they desired. Regardless of the weight loss surgery, whether it be a new lap band, or a conversion of lap band to sleeve, Dr. Feiz and Associates have patients covered. They know their field extremely well, and can help almost anybody to select the most fitting weight loss surgery.

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