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Revision Surgery Helps Physically and Hormonally

For years, countless patients have had outstanding success with the Lap Band procedure, and have been able to lose their excess weight and keep it off for years. The Lap Band works by constricting the entrance to the stomach and slow the intake of food so people will eat less during each meal. Yet, this method does not work for every single patient. Some severely obese patients also need help with their hunger hormones, and this emphasis on hormonal as well as physical effects is one of the biggest differences between the Lap Band vs. the gastric sleeve procedure.

One of the reasons why we get hunger cravings is that the stomach releases a hormone called ghrelin that tells the brain that it is time to eat. Because the sleeve gastrectomy procedure removes a portion of the stomach, it also reduces the amount of ghrelin that gets released into the bloodstream. This means that the sleeve gastrectomy after lap band not only helps with the physical aspect of hunger by reducing the size of the stomach, it also has the added benefit of reducing hunger cravings throughout the day.

Dr. Michael Feiz has successfully performed band to sleeve revision surgery on countless patients who have then gone on to have great results with their new procedure. The sleeve gastrectomy’s two pronged approach to weight loss is the reason why it is the most popular option for any patient looking for revision surgery. Getting the surgery with a talented surgeon like Dr. Feiz who can also provide excellent post-op support makes these positive effects even more apparent.

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