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Revision Weight Loss Surgery in Rancho Cucamonga

Dr. Feiz is nationally renowned by his peers for extreme skill in performing minimally invasive laparoscopic procedures used in weight loss surgery, such as those that band to sleeve revision surgery, a secondary weight loss procedure. When performing sleeve gastrectomy after lap band, Dr. Feiz understands that he must be doubly careful, as the anatomy is somewhat altered from having had the gastric band implanted around the stomach. There may be scar tissue or other differences that would be not be found in a pristine digestive tract, apart from his need for caution that he takes with any weight loss surgery.

Another important but not as commonly thought of aspect of weight loss surgery is the psychological issues a patient may have, that contribute to their obesity. Dr. Feiz is well-acquainted with these, and knows that it can be difficult for many patients to give up their former habits, such as eating out too often, or not exercising enough, or at all. He is aware that while bariatric surgery can make it vastly easier to lose weight, the onus is on the patient to change eating habits once and for all. Dr. Feiz also knows that patients still have to relearn how to manage their daily dietary routine and it’s not an automatic process — it takes patience and dedication.

The best way to learn the finer points of weight loss surgery, including such important matters as the relative pluses and minuses of lap band vs gastric sleeve, is through a free seminar at one of Dr. Feiz’s offices. The entire Dr. Feiz and Associates team looks forward to helping your begin the process of achieving for yourself a happier and healthier way of life.

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