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Risks Vs. Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Everyone knows that any surgery has inherent risks, but renowned Los Angeles bariatric surgeon Michael Feiz, M.D., gladly warns his prospective patients of their risks versus benefits of having weight loss surgery. He can tell you the most likely up and down side of lap band vs. gastric sleeve vs. gastric bypass or other weight loss procedures versus not having any weight loss surgery. As a matter of fact, Dr. Feiz believes that the risk of not having surgery is far greater than having weight loss surgery that a severely obese person desperately needs. Many obese persons suffer from conditions such as type 2 diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, and many others. Considering the fact that these diseases are so dangerous, it makes the risks of having a bariatric procedure look a lot less daunting.

That doesn’t mean that every surgery produces the kind of results in terms of weight loss that a patient might hope for, particularly if they’re not diligent in changing their lifestyle. Fortunately, Dr. Feiz is a master of secondary weight loss procedures, including lap band revision surgery. This procedure involves removing the lap band device, and either replacing it with a new one, or doing an entirely new operation called the gastric sleeve surgery.

Dr. Feiz has found band to sleeve surgery has an outstanding success rate. The operation involves removing part of the stomach, including the fundus, which is the portion that is primarily responsible for sending hunger cues to the brain. Dr. Feiz is a smart choice for this procedure, as he boasts a zero percent mortality rate, and an extremely high satisfaction rate, as you can see through his weight loss patient testimonials. For further information, contact the offices of Dr. Feiz and Associates.

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