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Setting Yourself up for Success with Weight Loss Surgery

At Dr. Feiz and Associates, we understand that severe obesity is a difficult and potentially debilitating issue. Severe obesity is associated with many health problems, several of them are life threatening; these include a much higher risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, and cancer. But even the issues that are not immediately life threatening can still have a dramatic impact on the quality of life. Most individuals are already quite aware of the negative impacts of severe obesity, but for the severely obese addresses these issues head-on can be quite difficult. Traditional methods of addressing weight loss like diet and exercise almost always fail.

As the alternative that is proven to consistently yield positive results, bariatric surgery helps severely obese patients achieve a better, healthier, and happier lifestyle. Dr. Michael Feiz and our team at Dr. Feiz and Associates want anyone who’s struggling with severe obesity to be able to take advantage of this highly effective option. Even if you’re unfamiliar with bariatric surgery or may not know the difference between the operations like the Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve procedures, you still may be the perfect candidate for bariatric surgery. Patients of previous operations still have a lot to gain from Dr. Feiz. With the procedures we offer such as a band to sleeve revision we can get you back on track. The sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band that we provide is highly effective avoiding complications and producing positive results. For weight loss that lasts, contact our team today!

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