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Should You Choose Lap Band or Gastric Sleeve? Let Dr. Feiz Help You Decide

When making the decision to have weight loss surgery, it’s often puzzling when deciding between lap band vs. gastric sleeve, especially because the procedures seem so different but the end result is the same. Patients who choose lap band surgery are often swayed by the fact that it’s a reversible procedure with a lower complication rate, while those who decide on sleeve gastrectomy may choose this procedure because it usually results in more rapid weight loss.

Lap Band surgery involves the implantation of a removable, adjustable device that is a silicone band that is attached to the upper part of the stomach, very near the esophagus. When the band is inflated with saline, it constricts the capacity of the stomach until the patient can only eat very small portions. The patient also feels full longer, because the process of digestion is slowed with this method. Gastric sleeve surgery with Dr. Feiz is slightly more involved, but his complication rate is extremely low and to date he has never had a fatality. This surgery entails removing about 85% of the stomach and fashioning the remaining part into a small, sleeve-like shape, hence the name of the surgery. Patients feel much less hunger due to the removal of a part of the stomach that produces “the hunger hormone,” and they eat less because their stomach capacity is much less.

Patients interested in lap band or sleeve gastrectomy in Valencia and the Greater Los Angeles area turn to Dr. Feiz because of his impeccable track record. See how he can help you, too, by scheduling your free consultation today to learn more.

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