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Sleeve Gastrectomy After Lap Band

Sleeve Gastrectomy After Lap Band

It’s important to educate yourself about the medical weight loss options at your disposal. After getting a Lap Band procedure, most patients experience steady weight loss after a period of change in their diet and behavior. Since the medical community has received the lap band well, calling it useful and safe, it has quickly become a popular option. Sometimes, however, the lap band alone doesn’t produce weight loss results to satisfy patients’ expectations. Lap Band revision is a new weight loss option for patients in situations such as this. Sleeve Gastrectomy after Lap Band is one of the revisions (or lap band conversions) that Dr. Feiz & Associates have a reputation for performing in a safe and effective way.

Dr. Feiz & Associates have the superior success and safety statistics to go along with the positive word-of-mouth they regularly receive. Now that lap band patients know Dr. Feiz is one of the premier bariatric surgeons in Los Angeles, they increasingly consult him about Sleeve Gastrectomy after Lap Band surgery has been performed by another doctor, but was ineffective. Certain digestive systems aren’t conducive to the lap band, and cause it to slip, erode, or irritate the patient. Conditions like this are rare, but the best thing to do is ask Dr. Feiz which option is best for the next phase of your weight loss.

Simply removing the Lap Band in Los Angeles often causes patients to revert to old habits, and weight often will return. Instead of letting this happen, Dr. Feiz & Associates often recommend the Sleeve Gastrectomy after Lap Band conversion surgery, also known as lap band to sleeve revision. They’ve built a reputation on procedures such as these, working to earn the trust of patients seeking weight loss in Los Angeles. Let them show you the difference experience makes.