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Sleeve Gastrectomy Bakersfield

For those considering sleeve gastrectomy, Bakersfield has a top-ranked board certified bariatric surgeon in the area: Dr. Michael Feiz. Sleeve gastrectomy is a procedure which effectively shrinks the stomach by removing approximately 85% of it and stapling off the remaining small portion, which is fashioned into the shape of a small banana, or sleeve. This smaller stomach not only means patients’ have a smaller capacity for food when they eat, they also have a diminished appetite so they can only consume very small portions of food at a time. Patients also have less desire to eat, particularly to overeat, so they lose weight gradually with the gastric sleeve procedure (another term for sleeve gastrectomy).

Gastric sleeve is just one of the bariatric procedures provided by Dr. Feiz & Associates, the top Los Angeles surgical weight loss center, which also provides arguably the most effective weight loss surgery: sleeve gastrectomy. Bakersfield residents often seek out weight loss options, such as gastric bypass, lap band surgery or other choices, as does any other city does in America, but they are not without hope when an expert such as Dr. Feiz can help them reach their goal weight. In fact, patients don’t just get down to a healthy weight: they also get healthy and shed some many of their obesity-related illnesses as the weight comes off and they maintain a healthy weight for life.

Why Choose Sleeve Gastrectomy Surgery in Bakersfield with Dr. Feiz?

As a widely renowned bariatric surgeon in Southern California, Dr. Michael Feiz has pioneered improved bariatric procedures and performed countless successful weight loss procedures in Los Angeles. By providing such a needed service to his patients, Dr. Feiz is highly regarded by his patients, peers and throughout the nation has a world class surgeon with an impeccable reputation. With Dr. Feiz, there are no gimmicks, no jingles or billboards: just results. Dr. Feiz has a compassionate bedside manner, particularly for a field such as obesity surgery, where emotions run high and sensitivity is a must.

Dr. Feiz has been published in many peer-reviewed medical journals with his knowledge of sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Bakersfield stands to benefit from Dr. Feiz’ knowhow, especially when it comes to obesity, effective surgical techniques, and different forms of bariatric surgery. Dr. Feiz has given presentations throughout the nation about what makes for a successful bariatric procedure, different forms of weight loss surgery, and more. In addition, he has done sleeve gastrectomy surgery Bakersfield residents would be glad to receive, as it can effectively mark the beginning of the end of their struggle with excess weight.

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