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Sleeve Gastrectomy Carson

As the nationally-renowned bariatric surgeon Los Angeles patients laud, Dr. Michael Feiz is widely known for his extremely effective, safe sleeve gastrectomy Carson patients have appreciated for years after their procedure. Also known as gastric sleeve surgery, Dr. Feiz employs innovative methods to give patients the VIP treatment with top-of-the-line surgical instruments and a highly knowledgeable team who perform sleeve gastrectomy Carson residents can trust is safe.

In the United States, many people are in the situation of fighting obesity and related illnesses, but with sleeve gastrectomy surgery, Carson residents don’t have to face the perils of obesity their whole lives. Sleeve gastrectomy surgery in Carson with Dr. Feiz involves the removal of approximately 85% of the stomach which is then fashioned into the shape of a small banana, or sleeve, hence the name. The new stomach not only has a much lower capacity for food, but patients feel reduced appetite as well. This phenomenon is thanks to the removal of a segment of the stomach called the fundus, which produces the “hunger hormone,” ghrelin. As a result, patients feel full more quickly and for longer periods of time so they can go longer periods of time between meals.

After Sleeve Gastrectomy

After bariatric surgery in Carson, Dr. Feiz will continue to be your biggest advocate. Patients have the luxury of being given the surgeon’s personal cell phone number, so they can call at any time with their concerns or questions about their progress or any potential complications. Dr. Feiz also has routine follow-up with his patients to ensure their healing goes according to plan, and many are able to go back to work within two weeks, after a short stay in the hospital to check that they recover well.

Why Should I Choose Dr. Feiz?

As a practitioner of gastric sleeve and lap band in Los Angeles, Dr. Feiz is also able to provide revision surgery for those who haven’t had the best luck with their initial bariatric procedure in Los Angeles. Many patients opt for revision surgery if their lap band device doesn’t help them lose weight as they had hoped, and Dr. Feiz can easily convert band to sleeve with secondary bariatric surgery in a safe, effective manner.

As a preeminent expert in the field of obesity surgery, prospective patients are encouraged to choose the best bariatric surgeon in Los Angeles by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Feiz. During this meeting, potential candidates are screened for their eligibility for sleeve gastrectomy, and Dr. Feiz is eager to accept all patients, provided they meet nationally determined criteria set by the National Institute of Health. Those who are interested in bariatric surgery in Carson have nothing to lose by seeking further information, and are encouraged to attend one of Dr. Feiz’ FREE informational seminars. These seminars are available all throughout Southern California, with obesity surgery seminars in Valencia, Huntington Beach, Thousand Oaks, Rancho Cucamonga, Bakersfield and other locations in Greater Los Angeles.

Call today the offices of Dr. Feiz & Associates, based in Beverly Hills, at 310-855-8058 or contact us online. Right away, you’ll speak to a pleasant, enthusiastic team of professionals who are eager to learn more about you and your struggle with obesity so you can officially put it in the past. Although Dr. Feiz is based in Beverly Hills, his weight loss centers operate all throughout Southern California, and he is available to perform bariatric surgery in Carson. We look forward to exceeding your expectations of what bariatric care in Carson is like!

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