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Sleeve Gastrectomy in Los Angeles with Experts


If you are severely obese, and have had a difficult time losing weight and keeping it off, Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S, may be able to help. As the West Coast’s leading bariatric surgeon, Dr. Feiz and his team at Dr. Feiz & Associates have extensive knowledge of weight loss surgery, and can help patients figure out which procedure might work best for them. The most popular procedures right now are Lap Band and sleeve gastrectomy in Los Angeles, but each case is different and should be catered to a patient’s individual needs.

The team at Dr. Feiz & Associates has developed a complete plan with four components: surgical, medical, psychological, and nutritional help. Dr. Feiz and his team evaluate each individual to they not only find the right bariatric procedure, but can guide the patient before and after their surgery, as well. Patients who understand the process make the best decisions for their overall health, because they are involved. Whether a patient wants to talk through their options, or needs a procedure such as a band to sleeve revision, Dr. Feiz and his team are the best choice.

Sometimes, patients receive the Lap Band at another clinic, and it fails to produce desirable results. There are many reasons a Lap Band might not work, such as being installed improperly. Dr. Feiz is one of the leading specialists in sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band. This procedure removes the Lap Band, and then creates a permanently smaller stomach, so the patient can continue to lose weight.

Whatever procedure that may work best for you, Dr. Feiz and his team are here to help. Please contact us today.

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