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Sleeve Gastrectomy is Gaining Popularity

The most well-known type of bariatric procedure could be gastric bypass. However, there is a diverse range of weight-loss surgeries that people who want to reclaim their health should consider. Dr. Feiz and his associates perform gastric bypass, of course, but they’re also experts in procedures like sleeve gastrectomy and the lap band in Los Angeles. While the lap band and gastric bypass are incredibly effective procedures for many patients, the sleeve gastrectomy is gaining in popularity. Dr. Feiz offers a free consultation with interested persons, where he can explain the surgery in extensive detail and go over a potential patient’s fears and expectations.

Sleeve gastrectomy surgery entails removing about 75% of the stomach, leaving a sleeve in the shape of a banana. It’s performed in a way that is minimally invasive; a camera is inserted through tiny incisions that guide the operating surgeon. The only scars left are from these incisions, which are a fraction of an inch. The sleeve works by limiting the amount of food that can fit in the stomach. It also halts the production of ghrelin, a hormone that produces the sensation of hunger. Patients with a gastric sleeve must change their eating habits as they can’t eat as large of a volume of food as they previously could and it’s necessary that they begin a steady exercise regime. Dr. Feiz will guide you throughout these incredibly vital steps. He’ll meet with you regularly as you retrain your body and mind to be as healthy as possible. Plus, he gives out his personal phone number to his patients when they truly feel they need direction.

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