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Sleeve Gastrectomy Pasadena | Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedure


For those seeking life-saving bariatric surgery, there’s an option with the sleeve gastrectomy in Pasadena with Dr. Feiz. In the sleeve gastrectomy procedure, a section of the lower stomach is cut and removed, and the remaining stomach area (roughly the size of a banana) is sutured or stapled shut. Since patients can’t take in as much food because of their smaller stomachs, and there’s a longer lasting feeling of satiety caused by decreased hunger hormone levels, weight loss occurs and continues for months, even years after surgery. Dr. Feiz combines psychological counseling and dietary advice with the sleeve gastrectomy in Pasadena in order to create a 3-prong approach to the well-being of his patients.

Typically, Dr. Feiz performs the sleeve gastrectomy in Pasadena laparoscopically, which means that rather than making a broad incision in the abdomen in order to perform the procedure, 3-4 small cuts are made so that narrow instruments, including a tiny camera, can be inserted to carry out the procedure. The main benefits of this particular method are the near absence of visible scarring and decreased recovery time. In contrast to the gastric bypass and gastric band procedure, there’s no risk of mal-nutrition and no need for an adjustable implant. Please call us and schedule an appointment if you’d like a consultation to see if the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy procedure is a viable option for you.

Sleeve Gastrectomy Pasadena

If you are looking for a medical center that provides sleeve gastrectomy in Pasadena, it is important to choose an institution that has a strong reputation for quality service, a proven track record of success, and a history of adhering to the most stringent safety protocols. Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, we are dedicated to making sure all our patients are fully informed about both the benefits and risks of all potential methods of weight loss, before settling on one course of action. We have been offering the sleeve gastrectomy in Pasadena for years, and maintain a fantastic success rate.

The first step to getting the sleeve gastrectomy in Pasadena is meeting with our team for a FREE consultation. You can also attend one of our FREE informational seminars, if you would like. The key to a successful surgery is open dialogue with your doctor from the very beginning. Our medical experts are here to listen attentively to your hopes and your fears, and will stand by your side throughout the journey, even after the operation is complete. If you have come this far, you are ready to make major lifestyle changes to put obesity in your rearview mirror.

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