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Sleeve Gastrectomy Procedure

Are you interested in learning about the sleeve gastrectomy procedure? Our team of experienced and skilled medical professionals here at Dr. Feiz & Associates has performed the sleeve gastrectomy procedure many times, and patients have enjoyed tremendous success at losing weight with this approach. That said, all major surgeries bring the potential for complications, and our doctors will meticulously cover both the benefits and risks of the sleeve gastrectomy procedure, along with all the other possible avenues, before proceeding.

The sleeve gastrectomy procedure entails removing around 75-85% of the stomach, and reshaping the remaining portion in a banana-shaped tube or sleeve. The patient experiences immediate weight loss. Future weight loss occurs because the smaller pouch of the stomach regulates the intake of food particles, and the loss of the majority of the stomach reduces hormones that create the sensation of hunger. As a result, patients who have undergone the sleeve gastrectomy procedure are able to feel full sooner, and maintain that feeling of satiety for a longer duration.

For additional information on the sleeve gastrectomy procedure, and about our excellent track record here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly. We are eager to help you proceed with confidence down the road to dramatic weight loss.

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