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Sleeve Gastrectomy Thousand Oaks


Along with the improvement in appearance that getting a sleeve gastrectomy in Thousand Oaks with Dr. Feiz will achieve, is the drastic improvement made in terms of health benefits. Being obese brings about many co-morbidities which pose a significant hazard to body functions, including increased chances for premature death; statistics show that obesity and its associated co-morbidities can take 20 years off an affected person’s life. By undergoing a sleeve gastrectomy in Thousand Oaks with Dr. Feiz, patients can effectively turn their obesity around and pave a path for a longer, healthier life.

When a sleeve gastrectomy is performed, a large lower portion of the stomach is cut and removed, and the remaining stomach portion is sewed or stapled shut. Since the stomach is made smaller, less food can be ingested and swift weight loss ensues. The smaller stomach also results in a drop in the hormone associated with hunger, allowing the patient to feel fuller for longer. Though a physically smaller stomach plays the biggest role in losing weight, smart eating habits and exercise are highly recommended in order maximize effectiveness and post-op safety of the procedure.

If you are concerned about the risk of malnutrition with a gastric bypass and don’t want to receive an adjustable implant via a gastric band procedure, the sleeve gastrectomy may be your most viable option, allowing for comparable, even superior results. Dr. Feiz consistently provides patients with successful bariatric surgeries. If you think weight loss surgery is a good choice for you, please call today for a consultation regarding a sleeve gastrectomy in Thousand Oaks with Dr. Feiz.