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Sleeve Gastrectomy Valencia


Getting a sleeve gastrectomy in Valencia is possible through trusted surgeon, Dr. Feiz. With nearly 5 years of experience performing bariatric procedures, Dr. Feiz has been able to consistently supply his patients with successful sleeve gastrectomy and Lap-Band surgeries. The sleeve gastrectomy in Valencia is performed laparoscopically, in which 3-4 tiny incisions are made in the abdomen so that narrow surgical instruments, including a small camera, can be inserted and manipulated in order to carry out the procedure. With this laparoscopic method, there are drastic improvements with regards to patient recovery time, scarring, risk of infection, pain, and time in the operating room.

Get the Gastric Sleeve in Valencia

In a sleeve gastrectomy procedure, the stomach is made smaller by having a large portion removed. With a smaller stomach capacity, patients are physically unable to ingest as much food and calories, which causes rapid weight loss. There is also an associated drop in hunger inducing hormones, allowing for longer satiety after meals. The sleeve gastrectomy in Valencia is irreversible, so patients must make permanent changes with regards to their diet in order to ensure proper health and long term benefits from the procedure.

Eligible candidates for this procedure typically have a BMI of 35 or more and haven’t had previous bariatric surgery. The sleeve gastrectomy is a viable and highly effective alternative to the gastric bypass, which carries the risk of malnutrition, and the gastric band, which requires an adjustable implant. Call today to schedule an in-depth consultation regarding the life-altering sleeve gastrectomy in Valencia with Dr. Feiz. Results brought about from a sleeve gastrectomy are comparable and often superior to a gastric band procedure.

For people looking for a sleeve gastrectomy in Valencia, it is important to select a medical center with a solid reputation not just for successful operations, but also attentive and personalized patient care. Our doctors, under the leadership of the esteemed Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS, work hard to make sure patients are fully informed about both the benefits and risks of a procedure before moving forward. Here at Dr. Feiz & Associates, we have had enormous success performing the sleeve gastrectomy in Valencia, but it is a major and invasive surgery, and thus there is always a small chance of complication. We don’t believe in “selling” the sleeve gastrectomy in Valencia, or any of our bariatric procedures; rather, we believe that first and foremost our job is to sit down with the prospective patient, discuss his or her goals and sources of anxieties, and together determine the best course of action for a person with their particular health condition.

The Best Surgeon for your Sleeve Gastrectomy in Valencia

When our surgeons perform the sleeve gastrectomy in Valencia, we typically remove 75-85% of the stomach and shape the remaining portion in a banana-sized tube or sleeve. After undergoing the surgery, the patient should find it easier to achieve satiety, and maintain that feeling of fullness for longer, reducing food intake. To learn more about our the sleeve gastrectomy procedure, contact us directly with your questions or concerns.

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