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Sleeve Gastrectomy Victorville

Due to genetic disposition and/or unhealthy eating habits that have been sustained for many years, losing excessive weight can be a daunting and sometimes unachievable task for many obese individuals. Through a sleeve gastrectomy in Victorville with Dr. Feiz, people with a BMI of 35 or higher can overcome their obesity and pave a road to healthy bodies and productive lifestyles. In the sleeve gastrectomy procedure, a section of the stomach is completely removed from the rest of the stomach and the remaining, smaller stomach pouch is then closed off by either suturing or stapling. With this smaller stomach, the patient gets full faster and feels hungry less, due to a drop in hunger-inducing hormone levels. These combined effects of the sleeve gastrectomy in Victorville, allow for high success rates for patients, where they can lose weight fast and also rapidly regain a normal state of health. In addition, Dr. Feiz gives support and psychological backing to ease patients into the changes that they are faced with. Through Dr. Feiz and the sleeve gastrectomy in Victorville, patients are able to let go of their emotional dependence on food and build the foundation for a healthier life through effective dietary and exercise recommendations.

If you are reluctant to undergo a gastric bypass or gastric band procedure because of the risk of mal-nutrition or the use of an adjustable implant, the sleeve gastrectomy may be the best choice for you. Many times the results brought on by sleeve gastrectomy are better than a gastric band. Call today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Feiz, and find out how the sleeve gastrectomy procedure can help you win your battle with obesity.

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