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Sleeve vs Lap Band

During a patient’s consultation about weight loss surgery, the doctor undoubtedly consulted the patient about what kind of results to expect, and what would be realistic and unrealistic expectations. Internally debating Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band surgery is only normal, and the doctor will make it clear what makes the Lap Band different: the procedure is somewhat simpler, and much more reversible. For this reason many patients opt for the Lap Band, knowing if it doesn’t have the effect they want, something like the Sleeve can still be an option.

Still it’s not exactly good news to be told another procedure might be the best thing for your weight loss. Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS and his team of surgeons have in impressive history of achieving results by offering the lap band. However, they do sometimes recommend the gastric sleeve procedure be performed when the Lap Band is removed, even if the Lap Band itself was administered by another surgeon. The question of Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band can sometimes no longer be relevant if the Lap Band didn’t produce desirable results.

In these cases, the Lap Band is generally causing effects that are bothering the patient, such as impeding digestion or causing nausea. On the other hand, some patients gain weight after finding they can once again overeat, even though the lap band is in place. These are both signs of Lap Band erosion, a condition your doctor will need to check for. If Lap Band erosion is the trouble, Dr. Feiz can help you reevaluate the question of Gastric Sleeve vs Lap Band, and help you make your next decision.

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