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What Type of Weight Loss Operation is Best

The field of weight loss surgery has really broken open since it was first developed in the late 1980s, with innovations coming at a faster and faster clip with every passing year. There are now more choices available than ever, so it is understandable why patients are often more than a little dazzled by all the options. Is a gastric sleeve surgery best for you, or one of the minimally invasive procedures such as the increasingly well-known lap band?

The fact of the matter is that everyone seriously considering a bariatric operation needs to understand that all patients are different. Really the best possible way to proceed is to contact a truly outstanding bariatric physician. It’s better if he is also a renowned authority such as Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS, FACS

A board certified M.D., he has been a leader in the massive success of today’s weight loss surgeries. Taking a long and detailed look at your medical history and current situation, he will work with you to decide whether one of the newer, less invasive procedures — such as the lap band procedure — is best for you or if one of the gastric sleeve bypasses, which creates a sleeve-like shape in the stomach, might be a better choice.

Whatever the final decision is, you can rest assured that you are getting advice from the very best. With a zero mortality rate to his credit, Dr. Feiz is considered by many to be Southern California’s best bariatric doctors and the most expert on all the many variety of the surgery currently being practices.

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