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Why Consider a Weight Loss Operation

People who have never struggled with a weight problem often wonder why overweight and obese people have so many problems losing weight and why a surgical weight loss procedure would even be necessary. However, people who suffer from weight problems know how hard it is to resist some nearly irresistible urges that are telling us to continue to eat, even when we know intellectually that we have consumed enough. When our weight issues progress to the point where they are an intractable threat to our health and wellbeing that is the time when Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS suggests that obesity sufferers consider a weight loss surgery.

Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., FACS is a top bariatric practitioner who understands that being obese is never a choice. As a leading pioneer in less invasive bariatric strategies, he is your best authority on whether a lap band procedure makes sense in your case. This is a reversible and adjustable surgery which has become increasingly popular in recent years. He is also on the leading edge of the gastric sleeve surgery, which is often the best choice for people whose obesity has progressed beyond the point where it can be handled through exercise and diet alone.

If you are seriously considering a weight loss operation, then there are few people better to speak with than the area’s top bariatric practitioner. Boasting a zero mortality rate, Dr. Feiz is praised by patients for his compassionate approach and for his ability to impart important information about surgeries. He and his outstanding staff will be delighted to discuss any issues, including lap band surgery cost.

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