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Stop Obsessing About Weight Loss with Dr. Feiz

Two-thirds of US adults are considered overweight or obese, and one-third of adults in this country are obese. For many of these people, working with a doctor on a diet and exercise routine is enough for them to reach a healthy weight. However, six percent of adults in the United States qualify as severely obese – this means they have a BMI of 40 or greater, or a BMI of 35 or greater with at least two documented comorbid diseases. These individuals typically struggle to lose weight and keep it off, but are not able to maintain a healthy weight. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S., founded Dr. Feiz & Associates to help severely obese patients get healthy with the help of weight loss surgery. Dr. Feiz and his team specialize in many kinds of bariatric procedures, from Lap Band to sleeve gastrectomy Los Angeles residents demand.

Dr. Feiz interned and worked as a resident in surgery at the Los Angeles County USC Medical Center, which is world-renowned for its incredible hospital and surgical practices. Dr. Feiz focused on both bariatric surgery and minimally-invasive surgical procedures, so that he could make sure his patients spend less time recovering, and more time enjoying their new post-surgery diet and exercise routines. Whether he performs a Lap Band, or band to sleeve revision, Dr. Feiz has the extensive skills and supportive team to help his patients enjoy their lives more fully.

To schedule a sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band, or discuss the right weight loss surgery for you, contact Dr. Feiz & Associates today to set up your first appointment.

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