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Many experts estimate that obesity will soon overtake smoking as the country’s biggest cause of preventable, premature death. Yet, for certain people, losing weight can be even more difficult than quitting smoking. Even with support, maintaining proper diet and exercise can be extremely difficult for many obese patients. After all, if these things were easy, no one would be obese in the first place. Many obese patients want nothing more than to lose their excess weight so they can get to a place where they are healthy and happy. Luckily for patients who have always struggled to make this a reality, bariatric surgery with renowned surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz can help make this dream a reality. Patients who are looking for a sleeve gastrectomy after lap band surgery, or patients who are looking for bariatric surgery for the first time can benefit from the experience and skill of Dr. Feiz

Dr. Feiz is a leader in both weight loss surgical procedures for first time patients but also for patients who need a band to sleeve revision surgery. Many people who don’t know the intricacies of the lap band vs. gastric sleeve surgery aren’t aware that while patients of each procedure typically lose the same amount of weight several years down the line, the gastric sleeve procedure helps patients lose weight faster. Patients can be even more successful thanks to the outstanding post-operative support provided by Dr. Feiz and his knowledgeable staff. Weight loss surgery is by no means a silver bullet cure, and it still takes hard work and guidance to make sure that you lose the weight and keep it off to ensure a healthy future.

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