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Taking the First Big Step

There’s an old runner’s adage that the hardest step is the first one out the door. For severely obese people who have tried every possible path to long term weight loss without any lasting success, that first step into a doctor’s office to explore such bariatric procedures as gastric sleeve and the lap band can be daunting. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. is here to help; he understands that the many issues surrounding weight loss procedures can be intimidating for anyone.

Dr. Feiz and his first-rate medical staff are experts at all aspects of making the decision for bariatric surgery. To help patients sort out all the available information, Dr. Feiz offers free seminars for prospective patients to help them decide, first of all, whether the bariatric approach is right for them and, second of all, to begin the process of exploring the available surgeries. From understanding which patients make appropriate candidates for the surgery, to such issues as the relative pros and cons of lap band vs gastric sleeve procedures, Dr. Feiz and his team are able to explain all the key aspects of weight loss surgery so that patients can make the most informed decision possible.

One of the nation’s most respected surgeons, Dr. Feiz is widely noted for his dexterity and skill with highly sensitive procedures. Whether you are a first time patient, or have had a lap band procedure that has failed to produce the needed results and want a convert band to sleeve operation, your next big step should to contact the offices of Dr. Michael Feiz and Associates.

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