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Taking the First Step Toward a Healthier You

The old adage of the first step in a journey being the hardest to take is advice that remains extremely relevant in our world. For the severely obese, the very notion of weight loss may seem insurmountable and unachievable due to the intense physical and psychological challenges they face. For many, especially those who have experienced disappointing or ineffective results from diet and exercise, that first big step may seem always just out of reach. At Dr. Feiz and Associates, we’re committed to getting people on the right path. Weight loss surgery is just the thing to help them get there.

Because the health benefits of weight loss for the severely obese are so numerous and important—including a significantly decreased risk of stroke, diabetes, and heart failure—health professionals agree that taking immediate action to achieve a healthy weight is critically important. The procedures offered by Dr. Feiz are safe, proven, and highly effective for sustainable long term results. We work hard to provide our patients with the best treatment, and the options that are right for them including lap band revision surgery if they’ve undergone previous procedures. Unlike other methods which often fail, weight loss surgery is consistently proven to be effective at providing long term results.

Dr. Feiz utilizes years of training, experience, and expertise in his field to perform minimally invasive procedures, or educate his patients on treatment options such as the difference between a lap band vs. sleeve gastrectomy operation. For patients who may have previously undergone weight loss procedures and experienced disappointing results, Dr. Feiz offers a band to sleeve procedure to renew their pursuit toward positive progress. In any journey, the first step can be the most challenging. Let Dr. Feiz help you make it, and help you ensure you commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

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