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Taking the Next Step

Sometimes the worst enemy of people with health issues such as obesity is simple inertia. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. would like to suggest to severely obese people that should at least learn about their options when it comes to such highly successful bariatric procedures as gastric sleeve and lap band surgery.

We know it’s not easy. Even if we’re deeply unhappy, it often feels far easier to stay in our rut than to start taking steps to improve things. It’s not surprising that severely obese people who know they need to do something about their health situation would nevertheless tend to resist the idea of obtaining a surgery in order to reduce their appetite. Making a big change can seem frightening – but it can also often lead to a much better life.

With an outstanding surgeon like Dr. Feiz in charge, weight loss procedures have never been safer and more effective. This is truly important news because, up to relatively recently, obese people with health issues had few places to turn. While exercise and reduced calorie diets remain the ideal solution, significant and sustained weight loss appears to be next to impossible for the large majority of people. The body, it seems, is set up to persuade overweight people that they need to overeat with nearly irresistible feelings that very closely resemble actual hunger.

The genius of a sleeve gastrectomy surgery is that it short circuits our overeating mechanisms both by dramatically reducing the size of the stomach, and by reducing the amount of appetite-inducing hormones in the body. It’s one highly effective strategy that can actually give obese people the strength that they need in order to drastically alter their relationship with food. A lap band reduces the size of the available stomach, but is the only bariatric procedure that is both adjustable and reversible.

Every patient is different and Dr. Feiz is delighted to help patients learn about how bariatric surgery can help them to change their life. Free seminars are available.

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