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The Benefits of Lap Band to Sleeve Conversions

For patients who have experienced weight loss surgery, such as lap band surgery, but are unhappy with their results, there are options available to help them to remedy their dissatisfactions. The team at Dr. Feiz and Associates knows that patients of other doctors can often feel like their lap band surgery didn’t deliver as they expected it to, and Dr. Feiz and his team are more than happy to help these patients achieve their desired weight loss results. And, on top of helping patients correct their lackluster lap band surgeries, Dr. Feiz can also help newcomers to the world of weight loss with decisions between Lap Band vs. sleeve surgeries.

Two of the biggest reasons patients come to Dr. Feiz and Associates for Lap Band revision surgery are because they aren’t satisfied with their weight loss results, or they are uncomfortable with their lap band. In either case, Dr. Feiz can usually help patients to understand what went wrong, and how to fix it. This often times means that a lap band to sleeve surgery is in order, which can help to minimize the uncomfortable impacts of the lap band surgery, while still maintaining the desired weight loss. Ultimately, Dr. Feiz knows that what his patients seek is comfort. They want to be comfortable in their own bodies, and they want their weight loss surgery to be comfortable as well. Luckily, he has dedicated his career to giving his patients the best possible surgical experience, with the best possible weight loss results.