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The Benefits of Weight Loss: Not Just a Matter of Looking Good

Though having a more slender figure tends to make people feel better about themselves, there is another important reason for the obese to lose weight: living with severe obesity has serious and life threatening health risks such as heart attack and stroke. As a leading bariatric center in Los Angeles, at Dr. Feiz and Associates we have the resources and the expertise to provide world class weight loss solutions that save lives.

Through years of dedication and experience in his field, Dr. Michael Feiz delivers quality, top of the line weight loss procedures. Because experts support weight loss surgery as a safe and effective tool that, unlike other methods, have a very high rate of long term success, our procedures are an excellent choice for anyone looking to take steps to improve their health. We’re here to help educate our patients about their options while guiding them toward the treatment that’s right for them, and answering their questions including discussing the differences between Lap Band vs. sleeve gastrectomy operations.

As an expert bariatric surgeon, Dr. Feiz provides a full range of treatment options to facilitate the pursuit of a healthy weight. These treatments include options for patients who may have previously undergone surgical weight loss treatment and need further care such as Lap Band revision surgery. Our patients seek our treatment with the confidence that they are receiving the finest care available which allows Dr. Feiz to improve upon previous surgeries that may have yielding disappointing results. With our band to sleeve procedure, patients will be able to get back on track toward achieving their goals. At Dr. Feiz and Associates, taking the right step toward improving your health and losing weight is only one phone call away.

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