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The Devil Really Can Be in the Details

Sometimes clichés become clichés for a good reason: they’re true. Certainly, being able to get the details right – so that no nasty devils can get in the way of success – is what has made board certified bariatric surgeon Dr. Michael Feiz a nationally recognized name in weight loss medicine.

Even so, some operations require even more detailed work than others. That definitely applies to lap band revision surgery which takes procedures that either produced disappointing results or transforms them into hugely effective weight loss tools. Aside from Dr. Feiz’s ability to take care of any details that might have been overlooked by lesser surgeons, the new procedure itself has many benefits. Indeed, the performance of gastric sleeve after lap band procedures has been consistently excellent for a number of reasons.

While there are many pros and cons to consider vis a vis a lap band vs. gastric sleeve, the sleeve does offer one benefit that makes it the standard choice for a follow-up to a failed lap band procedure. Dr. Feiz has been at the forefront of pointing out how a gastric sleeve procedure actually fights obesity in two ways. Like the lap band, it drastically reduces the capacity of the stomach, but that’s not all. It also removes a portion of the stomach responsible for producing an important hormone. Ghrelin is believed to be associated with the pangs of hunger that drive us to eat, even when we know for a fact that we have consumed sufficient food.

Make no mistake, bariatric surgery is highly detailed work; you want a master performing any operation. To find out whether a revision or first-time procedure with Dr. Feiz is right for you, your next move should to attend a free seminar at the offices of Dr. Feiz and Associates.

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