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The Difference Between Lap Band and Sleeve Gastrectomy

For the severely obese who experience disappointing results from diet and exercise, weight loss surgery is a proven and effective alternative. The option of surgery can feel like an overwhelming choice with a large range of treatments to investigate and explore. Two of the most common treatments are the lap band operation and gastric sleeve procedure (also called vertical sleeve gastrectomy). The highly trained medical professionals at Dr. Feiz and Associates can help you decide which option might be right for you, but here are the basics.

To begin to understand the differences between lap band vs. sleeve gastrectomy procedures, first know that they are both safe and practical methods for weight loss. A lap band operation is less invasive and involves placing a band around the upper stomach. This procedure causes minimal scaring, and a faster recovery time. The band is also adjustable, and can be removed completely. Because the body may respond in unexpected ways, in rare cases, lap band revision surgery may be required to properly adjust the band and ensure the patient does not experience any uncomfortable side effects. If the patient continues to experience disappointing results, a doctor may recommend a band to sleeve procedure.

During sleeve gastrectomies, 75-85% of the stomach is removed then reshaped into a sleeve-like structure. This reduced stomach restricts the flow of food into the intestines for a faster, longer acting feeling of satiety, and a desire to consume less. Unlike the lap band operation, it is not reversible. Though a more invasive surgery than the lap band, Dr. Feiz is one of the few doctors in the country who is qualified to use the STARR Treatment, enabling him to perform the surgery with a single incision. A vast improvement over traditional methods, patients of Dr. Feiz enjoy a much quicker recovery and less discomfort. No matter what procedure you pursue, know that the world class surgeons at Dr. Feiz and associates are amongst the best in the business.

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