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The Everyday Benefits of Weight Loss

The major health risks associated with severe obesity are well known, and necessitate action. Besides the obvious decrease in danger to one’s health, the reasons for weight loss are also more subtle and include everyday benefits. Such benefits include better sleep, a more diverse range of options for purchasing clothing, and an increased mobility and ease of walking without pain. Because the results from diet and exercise may be disappointing, Dr. Michael Feiz provides other options to help improve quality of life.

Weight loss surgery is an increasingly popular method for weight loss because it’s safe, it’s effective, and it provides results. Dr. Michael Feiz, as one of the top bariatric surgeons in the Los Angeles area, delivers world class care to help people get on track toward a better, more healthy version of themselves. Perspective patients seeking Dr. Feiz’s treatment learn about our full range of proven surgeries, and compare operations that are right for them including weighing a Lap Band vs. sleeve gastrectomy. We work closely with our patients to help provide any other work or revisions as needed, such as a lap band revision surgery, to ensure continued positive progress.

No matter what procedure patients undergo, they do so with the confidence of knowing that they are under the expert care of a leading physician in the field which is why patients seeking to improve upon previous weight loss surgeries also seek the services of Dr. Feiz. Our band to sleeve procedure is a very successful operation that provides results to lap band patients who may have needed more care. From the major benefits of longer, healthier life to the more everyday pleasures, there have never been more reasons to seek weight loss surgery, and Dr. Feiz and Associates are standing by for you call.

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