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The Health Benefits of Weight Loss Surgery

Weight loss surgery can be life changing in a number of different ways. First of all, numerous physical health benefits can arise from a significant loss of weight. These include things like a decrease in joint and bone pain, as well as a decrease in the impacts of sleep apnea. There are mental benefits as well, with a reduction in depression often being a noted positive effect of weight loss surgery. Ultimately however, weight loss surgery can be life changing because it allows a person to feel like who he or she wants to be. It can lead to the return of confidence and a positive outlook on life.

When it comes to the specifics of these weight loss surgeries, few Southern California surgeons know the arena better than Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. and his team at Dr. Feiz and Associates. They have an enormous amount of experience with helping patients on such matters as deciding between a Lap Band vs. sleeve gastrectomy, and have made it their mission to make sure each patient receives the right treatment for their goals and comfort level. As for those patients who have already received a Lap Band surgery, but want to try a different approach to reducing their appetite, Dr. Feiz also offers a band to sleeve operation that can transition patients from one form of appetite control to the other. The difference here being that with a Lap Band, a band is placed around the stomach, restricting its ability to intake food, whereas with a sleeve procedure, a large portion of the stomach is removed which can reduce the appetite through added hormonal benefits. Dr. Feiz has found that this kind of Lap Band revision surgery can be highly effective for the vast majority of patients who need to defeat obesity once and for all.

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