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The Hormonal Solution to Obesity

Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. has a solution to the battle against obesity, a battle that is now winnable even by people with the most severe and intractable obesity. The answer lies in a previously little known hormone called ghrelin. This substance appears to be the main signal the brain receives to trigger our feelings of hunger. The problem is that it’s not directly triggered by our genuine need for food, so that the body will produce it in such a way that, as most of us have experienced, we will be strongly impacted by the feeling of hunger even after we’ve consumed more than enough calories to sustain us.

The solution, then, is to simply reduce ghrelin in the body, but the difficulty is that losing weight through such traditional means as lower calorie diets and increased exercise can actually cause the hormone production to increase. Fortunately, bariatric surgeries performed by Dr. Feiz remove a specific portion of the stomach responsible for the production of the hunger hormone called the fundus. The result is that hunger after gastric sleeve and other procedures is significantly reduced, thus breaking the once seemingly eternal cycle of losing and regaining weight.

While there is no such as a magic bullet in the battle against severe obesity, a bariatric procedure with a widely respected surgeon like Dr. Feiz may be the surest weapon that currently exists against this potentially life threatening health condition. For more information on a complimentary initial consultation please call 310-855-8058 or contact us online.

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