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The Lap Band: Adjustable and Removable

In the hands of a highly skilled surgeon, lap band surgery is an extremely safe and effective tool against morbid obesity. Over the years, it has become very popular, not only because of the weight loss results, but also because of the fact that, unlike other bariatric procedures, the Lap Band is both adjustable and reversible. Here’s how the Lap Band procedure works…

The Lap Band is a plastic band that, once inserted, wraps around the stomach and constricts to turn the stomach into an hourglass shape. This slows the flow of food particles into the intestines, just like grains of sand flowing through an actual hourglass. Dr. Michael Feiz has been performing the lap band in Los Angeles for many years. He also offers a lap band removal procedure, because there are some patients for whom the Lap Band turns out not to be the ideal method. As with any surgical procedure, there are potential complications, but Dr. Feiz has maintained a complication rate below the national average, and he has never had a single mortality associated with his Lap Band surgery.

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