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There are various approaches to weight loss surgery, and in general, they all yield positive results. Because obesity is so detrimental to a person’s health, the benefits of any bariatric procedure far outweigh the risks. Yet, that is not to say that one procedure is not better than others. When most people are deciding on weight loss surgery, their final decision comes down to lap band vs. sleeve. While many patients have had positive results with both procedures, more and more people are realizing how effective the sleeve can be at allowing for rapid weight loss while having fewer complications than older procedures like the gastric bypass. And, to ensure that you have even better results with your bariatric surgery, it’s important to select a world-class surgeon like Dr. Michael Feiz for your procedure.

Dr. Feiz has an impressive and reassuring zero percent mortality rate across hundreds of bariatric surgeries performed using minimally invasive laparoscopic methods. With these methods, patients receive only minimal scarring, while also minimizing their chance for any complications. In addition to initial bariatric procedures, Dr. Feiz also performs band to sleeve revision surgery for patients who want to have their band removed and switch to a sleeve gastrectomy. Because of the sleeve gastrectomy’s added hormonal benefits and no need for adjustments, many bariatric patients find that a lap band revision surgery is a much better way for them to lose weight. Whatever procedure a patient may choose, there is no better surgeon and support staff to help guide them through weight loss than the team at Dr. Feiz and Associates.

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