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The Path Forward to a Healthier Tomorrow

Here at Dr. Feiz and Associates, we believe in helping you work toward a healthier version of yourself if you’re struggling with severe obesity. Though many severely obese individuals feel as if they are trapped, or that they have no means of improving their situation, making the attempt is always worth the effort because reaching a healthy weight is the only way to ward off serious health concerns such as diabetes, stroke, cancer, or heart attack. Unfortunately, diet and exercise prove ineffective a striking 99% of the time due to the scores of weight a severely obese individual needs to lose. Despite this, weight loss surgery is proven to be safe, effective, and able to consistently produce the necessary results.

Our high quality procedures offered by Dr. Feiz are truly world class. All of his procedures from the Lap Band vs. sleeve are effective and help his patients reach the weight needed for success. We also perform a range of revision surgery for patients, and patients who may have experienced side effects or discomfort can benefit from one of our operations such as Lap Band revision surgery. Once you receive your surgery, we’ll help you through recovery to ensure you continue to make positive progress. As you approach a healthy weight, you’ll begin to enjoy the health benefits which include better sleep, less physical pain from movement, improved confidence, and, of course, an extremely lessoned likelihood of succumbing to heart attack or stroke. If any issues do arise during your recovery, we’ll be standing by to get you back on track and have many resources at our disposal to get you there such as a band to sleeve procedure. It’s time for a better you.

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