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The Revision Weight Loss Expert in Lancaster

Numerous LAP-BAND patients have come to Dr. Feiz’ Lancaster weight loss center because they are unhappy with their weight loss results after surgery. In fact, Dr. Feiz may recommend lap band revision surgery for eligible lap band patients who can have their lap band removed and replaced, or have the lap band converted to a gastric sleeve. During this procedure, Dr. Feiz removes the lap band device and then your stomach will be simultaneously converted into a gastric sleeve, where 85% of the stomach is removed and stapled closed.

One reason why some patients end up choosing the lap band vs. sleeve is because it’s a less invasive, and the only non-permanent weight loss operation; it gives you leeway to get this revision procedure later if it doesn’t work (meaning, you can have the device removed and it’s like you never had any surgery done on your stomach). Unfortunately, that doesn’t necessarily mean it will be a positive experience, particularly for those who hoped that the band would result in dramatic weight loss that could help extend their lives. No matter your reason for seeking revision weight loss surgery, Dr. Feiz is the most capable and qualified weight loss surgeon in Lancaster to perform the band to sleeve conversion surgery.

Dr. Feiz is an expert bariatric surgeon in Lancaster and Los Angeles, especially in revision procedures like band to sleeve surgery. This requires an especially astute surgeon, because the operation essentially involves two procedures at once — removing the gastric band, and then converting the stomach into a sleeve shape. Then, there is scar tissue to contend with, often, which means the skills of a talented surgeon are necessary for success.

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