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The Right Choice for Weight Loss Success

For most people, losing weight is a struggle with fad diets and maintaining an exercise routine. While this process can be frustrating, dealing with a few extra pounds is a relatively minor issue. However, for people who are severely obese, the struggle to lose weight means more than just looking fit. For an obese individual, losing weight may be the difference between life and death. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. and his incredible team at Dr. Feiz & Associates are here to help these people lose weight through weight loss surgery. Qualifying individuals with a body mass index, or BMI, of 40 or more – or a BMI of 35 with related health problems – can greatly benefit from weight loss surgeries like gastric sleeve, Lap Band, or band to sleeve revision.

Dr. Feiz is one of the leading specialists in sleeve gastrectomy in Los Angeles. This procedure helps many severely obese people lose weight and stay healthy for many years. The basic procedure removes around 75 percent of the stomach to create a smaller sleeve-like organ which holds less food and digests a little more slowly. However, Dr. Feiz knows that, for many people who struggle with incessant cravings, not just excess pounds, gastric sleeve is the best way to keep weight off. This is because the stomach produces a hormone called ghrelin, which in average people signals the brain that the person is hungry – when the person is no longer hungry, production of ghrelin stops. In some obese people, however, this hormone tends to go into overdrive and becomes even more overactive as the person begins to lose weight. Sleeve gastrectomy removes the part of the stomach that produces ghrelin, helping the individual not only lose weight, but fight cravings more effectively.

Whether you have questions about weight loss procedures, or need a sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band that has failed to produce the needed effects, Dr. Feiz & Associates is the best choice for you.

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