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The Truth About Weight Loss Surgery

As the rate of bariatric surgery continues to increase across America, many people, both potential patients and otherwise, understandably have questions regarding the practices and procedures. While it’s true that there are differences between different operations such as the Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve procedure, they’re all geared toward the same final result. Weight loss for a candidate of bariatric surgery isn’t a cosmetic issue, it’s a health concern. Because of the many major, often life threatening medical issues that face someone living with severe obesity, such as heart attack, stroke, and diabetes, the consensus amongst doctors is that severe obesity demands immediate attention to improve the quality of life and improve or prevent these issues. Weight loss surgery is the best means of doing it.

In fact, not only is weight loss surgery the best method for improving these issues, it’s the only method that yields consistently effective results. Traditional methods, such as diet and exercise, fail a striking 99% of the time. Experienced surgeons like Dr. Feiz, here at Dr. Feiz and Associates, are dedicated to helping severely obese patients have a path forward that lifts them out of poor health. Our techniques are proven to be both safe and effective, and we get patients the results they need for a healthier, happier, and longer life. Whether you’re a first time patient, or in need of additional treatment such as a band to sleeve revision, our team is standing by to provide the care you need. We also regularly perform the sleeve gastrectomy after lap band for patients that need a new approach.

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