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The Vast Health Benefits of Significant Weight Loss

If you’re struggling with obesity, by far the most important downsides you’re dealing with are the negative health impacts. Being severely overweight can put a lot of undue pressure on the skeletal and respiratory, and other organ systems, and can lead to everything from heart disease to diabetes to depression and social isolation. Luckily, for those who are ready and looking to make a big change, there are weight loss procedures that can provide significant help, like those available from Dr. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S. Dr. Feiz is one of the leading weight loss surgeons in the Southern California area, and has made it his goal to help return as many severely overweight people to a normal weight as possible. He knows that by greatly diminishing an obese person’s weight, he’s likely to provide them with numerous health benefits.

If you’re looking for help with the decision between the Lap Band vs. a gastric sleeve, Dr. Feiz has you covered. He can help you to understand the nuances of each operation, and help ensure that you make the decision that’s best for your unique goals. Band to sleeve revision operations are also available from Dr. Feiz, and are an excellent way for patients who are dissatisfied with their original Lap Band surgery to pursue an alternative method of appetite diminishment.

The bottom line: If you’re looking for a Lap Band surgery, a gastric sleeve, or a sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band solution, you’ll want to contact Dr. Feiz & Associates. Dr. Feiz and his team are one of the most established in the Southern California area, and they do everything in their power to make sure their patients are healthier and happier.

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