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The Weight Loss Solution that Works

If you struggle with being severely obese, you probably already know that losing weight will help you not only live longer, but live better. You can slow down or stop comorbid diseases like high blood pressure and high cholesterol, cardiovascular problems, diabetes, arthritis, and even depression. You can feel better and enjoy life more. However, for too many severely obese people in the U.S., dieting and exercise have failed to keep the weight off. Michael Feiz, M.D., F.A.C.S has worked hard to gain the skills to become one of the best weight loss surgeons in the country, and he started Dr. Feiz & Associates so he could assemble the best possible team to help severely obese patients lose weight and keep it off. Whether you want a Lap Band procedure, or are need a band to sleeve revision, Dr. Feiz has the skills and understanding to help you.

Many patients want to know whether Lap Band vs. gastric sleeve will work better for them. Dr. Feiz has lots of experience and success performing both of these popular weight loss surgery procedures. Dr. Feiz knows that informed patients make the best decisions for their own help long-term, and his practice centers on making sure patients not only get the best surgical outcomes, but the best life-long health outcomes, too.

If you need a sleeve gastrectomy after Lap Band because your initial procedure failed to produce the right kind of results, Dr. Feiz also specializes in this procedure. Contact him today for help losing weight and keeping it off.


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